Mercedes Benson

DJ and Brand & Partnerships Manager Complex UK

A social Influencer & marketeer by day and a fierce entrepreneur & DJ by night, Mercedes Benson has managed to work FOR and alongside brands such as Complex, adidas, PUMA, BeatsbyDre, Google & more, to establish herself as a true tastemaker and voice of authority within the creative industry.

With a passion that delves deeply into music, fashion, youth and content creation, she has mastered the art of juggling the fast paced realms of social media for brands, whilst maintaining her personal brand alongside.


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BRANDS, BANDS AND FANS: From Bedroom to Big Time

15:00 - 16:00

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PR Guru Imran Malik, who has handled campaigns for A$AP Rocky, JHus among others, leads a discussion on brands, bands and fans. What does the word ‘Brand’ mean to you? As pressure continues to grow on reaching a wider audience through aspirational marketing avenues, it is extremely important to have a unique and exciting brand. How do you convert your audience into sustainable revenue? With fans continuously evolving in how they consume brands across traditional and new media, how do you stand apart from the rest? These are just some of the areas we will be covering in our panel with three seasoned creatives in their respective fields.


Imran Malik, Imran Malik Publicity and Equate magazine


Jonathan Chabala – Social Media and Content Manager, Syco Entertainment & Music

Mercedes Benson – DJ/ Brand Partnerships Manager – Complex UK

Nemat Abdela – Marketing Manager, Columbia Records