Lucie Caswell

CEO, Featured Artist Coalition (FAC)

Chief Executive of trade body for music artists: Featured Artists’ Coalition (FAC)

Music and creative content sector executive
Senior negotiator; international copyright licensing (all rights) and rightsholder relations
Strategic partnerships, deal-making, deal management
Company building; financial, growth and business development
Executive; international business, extensive experience, contacts, innovation & cross-sector
Public affairs; Advocacy, diplomacy and relationships
Governance; policy; governance, board and stakeholder relations, recruitment & management


the schedule may be subject to change


12:00 - 13:00

powered by Featured Artists Coalition (FAC)

Led by FAC’s CEO Lucie Caswell and Chris Cooke of CMU:DIY, this panel will give you a taste of what being an Artist Entrepreneur is about and how artists can be entrepreneurs, with practical tips and advice for aspiring artists and future industry leaders on how to build a career and a business around music.

Chris Cooke from CMU:DIY will also provide a speedy Artist:Entrepreneur Guide to an artist’s key revenue streams and primary business partners.


Lucie Caswell, FAC & Chris Cooke, CMU:DIY


Eckoes – Artist

Jason Black aka J2K – Co-founder Crep Protect / Artist