Joelah Noble

Actress and Presenter and Model

‘The creatively innovative content creator, Joelah is a vibrant feature to the many platforms she is currently working with. From GRM news, to her weekly show on Rinse Fm to her Tech reviews with brands like Carphone Warehouse and Samsung. Sought out for her diverse knowledge and unique delivery style she’s quickly becoming a triple threat in the entertainment industry. She enjoys developing young people and have moderated panels alongside LDN City Nexus, Casio G-Shock and Grime Pays. Joelah favourite quote sums how she sees inspiration beautifully ‘We don’t have education, we have inspiration; if I was educated I would be a damn fool.” Bob Marley


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15:00 - 16:00

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Leading law firm and entertainment specialists, Sheridans present an insightful and exciting panel discussion on everything you need to know about an artist contract. This is a must for aspiring artists and music managers. There will be tips and guidance on what the contract looks like from a label, publisher or brand, what to look out for and take advice on, the background of why artist contracts are important and most importantly what they mean for your rights as an artist.


Joelah Noble, Actress, Presenter and Model


Andrew Bravin – Associate in Digital Media, Advertising and Brands, Technology and Fashion and Design Group, Sheridans         

Mulika Sannie – VP, Business Affairs at Kobalt

Tahir Basheer – Partner, Head of Branding, Sheridans   

Wale Kalejaiye – Associate Music & Theatre Groups, Sheridans