Jason Black aka J2K

Artist and Co-founder Crept Protect

In 2012, Black co-founded the now No.1 sneaker protection brand CREP PROTECT.  By explicitly understanding the needs of his end-user, he was able to dominate the market from a grassroots level with intuitive-marketing, that built solid hype for the brand and achieved influence without persuasion, which translated into giving it the ‘cool’ factor. Under Blacks watchful marketing eye, the award-winning shoe brand went on to spearhead several influential and international collaborations including with the NBA, Adidas and New Era caps respectively. They were all wildly successful and broadened the brand’s reach around the world, beyond their initial grassroots demographic.

Long before globally-recognised lifestyle and fashion brands got the memo, that successful campaigns/activations happen when a significant portion of their marketing dollar goes towards cross-cultural marketing at grassroots-level, Black was consistently putting his own hard-earned money where his mouth is – creating unforgettable content and the type of activations that has now become legendary amongst his target demographic and beyond. Fast forward to now and we see that so many brands have come to learn from the success of brands like Crep Protect, that marketing from the bottom-up, especially when now aimed at millennials, is the way to influence real ‘cool’ and create real hype.

At the beginning of 2017 Black decided to further expand his business enterprise and partnered as an investor with UK artists Krept and Konan to create and launch their very own 120-cover dessert restaurant in Croydon. Once again Black has shown his supreme marketing prowess with thoroughly engaging activations around the launch; Crepes and Cones was finally opened by the Mayor of Croydon a month ago, to much press and fanfare, digital hype, a branded routemaster bus and unbelievable queues that several weeks on, are still snaking down the road and round the block! This is not the norm, but certainly the dream for any type to launch.


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12:00 - 13:00

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Led by FAC’s CEO Lucie Caswell and Chris Cooke of CMU:DIY, this panel will give you a taste of what being an Artist Entrepreneur is about and how artists can be entrepreneurs, with practical tips and advice for aspiring artists and future industry leaders on how to build a career and a business around music.

Chris Cooke from CMU:DIY will also provide a speedy Artist:Entrepreneur Guide to an artist’s key revenue streams and primary business partners.


Lucie Caswell, FAC & Chris Cooke, CMU:DIY


Eckoes – Artist

Jason Black aka J2K – Co-founder Crep Protect / Artist