Claire Rose

Outreach Manager, PRS for Music

Claire Rose is the Outreach Manager for PRS for Music in the West of England. In her role, she works with music creators and music industry organisations and representatives to advise on PRS for Music, how to get the most from membership and where the organisation fits into the wider music landscape. She also organises events across her region addressing topics such as the DIY approach to music and issues surrounding diversity and inclusion.

As a membership society, PRS for Music represents more than 130,000 songwriters, composers and music publishers in the UK and beyond, championing their rights and ensuring that they are paid whenever their music is performed or played in public.


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Starting and sustaining a career in music can mean a lot of hard work, so understanding revenue streams is vital for any artist. Whether it’s money from live performances, or a radio play, or a television sync, or your music being played in public, we’ll be discussing how revenue flows back through to the artist featuring insight from an artist who is currently fulfilling the dream, along with practical advice from PRS for Music and PPL experts.


Big Zuu – Artist


Claire Rose – Outreach Manager, PRS for Music

Marco Giuliani – Performer Relations Manager, PPL

Yizzy – Artist