Bhavesh Patel

Programme Manager, PRS Foundation

Bhav runs the industry funds for PRS Foundation including Momentum and the International Showcase Fund alongside managing a BBC Introducing partnership for PRS Foundation. Since joining in 2015 Bhav has launched The Writer Producer Fund and brought on new partners for all industry schemes, particularly expanding opportunities for writer producers in the UK and internationally in the USA and Europe. Bhav has a long history in A&R and management, with previous positions at Warner Music, Universal Music,
and Z Management. As well as running Blackjack London, who have hosted hundreds of showcases in the UK and at festivals such as SXSW and The Great Escape, Bhav is a banging DJ, and can often be found behind the decks at Southern Hospitality nights.


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HOW TO SECURE THE BAG: Making Money from Music 2019

15:00 - 16:00

Powered by the Association of Independent Music (AIM)

Most of us get into music through passion. We don’t start by thinking about how to build a business, we mostly think about making music and then trying to connect with people out there. The fact is that the minute you get paid for what you do, you have started a business whether you intended to or not. But what does it actually mean to start as a business? What is involved, what are the costs and how do you make money? Also, how do you develop a sense for business without compromising your artistic vision – can you have both? The earlier you think about these things, the more likely you are to succeed. This panel will offer insight and practical advice to getting started as a Creative Business in music in the 21st Century.


Nina Radojewski, Association Of Independent Music (AIM)


Andy Musgrave – Artist Manager AJ Tracey, Director Supernature

Bhavesh Patel – Programme Manager, PRS Foundation

Sam Campbell – c da sound Music Consultancy