HOW TO SECURE THE BAG: Making Money from Music 2019

the schedule may be subject to change

15:00 - 16:00

Powered by the Association of Independent Music (AIM)

Most of us get into music through passion. We don’t start by thinking about how to build a business, we mostly think about making music and then trying to connect with people out there. The fact is that the minute you get paid for what you do, you have started a business whether you intended to or not. But what does it actually mean to start as a business? What is involved, what are the costs and how do you make money? Also, how do you develop a sense for business without compromising your artistic vision – can you have both? The earlier you think about these things, the more likely you are to succeed. This panel will offer insight and practical advice to getting started as a Creative Business in music in the 21st Century.


Nina Radojewski, Association Of Independent Music (AIM)


Andy Musgrave – Artist Manager AJ Tracey, Director Supernature

Bhavesh Patel – Programme Manager, PRS Foundation

Sam Campbell – c da sound Music Consultancy